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Author of "A Dance with the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath" and "The Little Book of Success: Turn Your Dreams into Reality with Four Simple Tools"
Barbara Bentley - Bio
Barbara Bentley grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, in a middle-class, blue
collar town.  She graduated summa cum laude with a BS in Marketing and was
the Outstanding Undergraduate of the Business School at Golden Gate
University in 1986.   Her new degree allowed her to advance in the Quality
Assurance arena and she recently retired after a thirty-nine year career.

When Bentley decided to write A DANCE WITH THE DEVIL to help others,
she didn't realize the story was not complete and that, with passion, planning,
patience and persistence, she would go on to change the no-fault divorce law of
California.  What she did realize was that she needed to learn how to write.  She
read books, joined writing organizations,  and attended writing workshops.

While writing her first book, she discovered that she used four tools over and
over to find success.  She now shares those tools in her second book, "The
Little Book of Success: Turn Your Dreams into Reality with Four Simple

Bentley willingly shares her experience whenever the opportunity arises.  She is
a motivational speaker who has spoken to audiences numbering from ten to five
hundred for such diverse organizations as the American Association of
University Women, Soroptimists, the International Women’s Writing Guild, St.
Mary’s University, Children’s Advocacy Program and Diablo Valley College and
presented a workshop titled "From Victim to Victor" for an all day women's
seminar titled “Dream It, Do It.”